Véhicule is the moniker of french artist Sylvain Milliot and his debut album Le Temps du Chien is a beautiful experimental modern classic ambient jazz trip.

Véhicule creates music between improvisation and composition, acoustic and electronic. So you hear classic instruments like cello, but you also get a load of sounds, worth to be discovered in detail. This album takes you on a journey that needs attention. It´s no music for chilling or background listening, but if you take some time, you will be surrounded by an arcane orchestra.

Side A: 1. Rites / 2. Test / 3. Tourne / 4. Je-Vous / 5. Disco / 6. Adolescence
Side B: 1. Tambour / 2. Voilà là / 3. Mason and Hamelin / 4. Pompe

Music composed, recorded and mastered by Sylvain Milliot
TAPE / Limited to 61 copies
Bronze tape in printed O-Card / Coloured onbody prints on both sides of the tape