January / February 2022

We are very excited to tell you about our 2022 plans, cause 2021 turned out to be a bigger grinch than 2020. So now we want to look forward and we want to bring music to you, cause we think music is still very important.

The whole pandemic situation brought forth problems, we couldn´t even imagine in nightmares. For example, the Suez Canal obstruction slowed down the whole record production, but it also caused a price increase for raw materials. And because luck wasn´t on our side, we got additionally problems with completed productions while we waited for items to be shipped to us. A whole production of 4 tape releases got lost without a trace. Luckily the pressing plant reproduced the whole order. So after a long physical releases break, we are now getting back on track, bringing all the delayed releases to you.

We are starting the new year with three tape releases in January and two very special Vinyl+CD releases in February. The preorder for all items will start Saturday 18.12.2021, so you can choose between all the new items and maybe you want to preorder all of them at once.

The tape releases meld ambient, noise and drone from three different spots in the world, cause we are bringing sounds from Spain (with South American roots), Italy and Australia to you. Check out Lee Yi, Agate Rollings and Panoptique Electrical.

On 22.02.2022 we are releasing two double albums by long time collaborators and friends thisquietarmy, N, Nadja and Aidan Baker. After releasing “Zerstoeren” by thisquietarmy x N we accomplish the collaboration results with the two hour long double album “Zerfall | Zerfallen”. Two tracks on vinyl and four pieces on CD. It´s massive, we love it and we hope you will love it, too. The other double album comes from Nadja and Aidan Baker. Nadja were invited to play a studio session at Funkhaus Berlin, accompanied by Hypnodrone Ensemble drummer Ángela Muñoz Martínez. The result is “Nalepa”, a monstrous instrumental drone doom shoegaze beast. Weeks later Aidan Baker also recorded a solo album at Funkhaus Berlin, reason enough to combine it with the Nadja album and bring you the whole experience as Vinyl + CD set.

Read more about thisquietarmy x N and Nadja + Aidan Baker.

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Thank you for being out there and supporting our intention.

Cosima & Dimi